Vickery Meadow Youth Foundation
Oct 06, 2021
Martha Stowe
Vickery Meadow Youth Foundation

Martha Stowe is the chairperson for Vickery Meadow Youth Foundation. The Foundation  was created to provide educational and enrichment opportunities for the 7500 low income children living in Vickery.
The mission of Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation (VMYDF) is to provide resources and opportunities for children and youth in the Vickery neighborhood allowing them to achieve their full potential.
Vickery Meadow is a highly diverse, low income neighborhood in the northeast section of Dallas.  The neighborhood is framed by Northwest Highway on the south, Royal Lane on the north, Central Expressway on the west and Abrams on the east.  More than 35,000 people live in Vickery Meadow apartments and more than 40 different languages are spoken.