The residents of Chihuahua, Mexico wait for doctors to arrive each year at the Guerrero Eye Clinic, 2.5 miles outside the city of Chihuahua.  The Clinic is there to provide eye surgery and to restore sight to those who otherwise would remain blind. Service Above Self is exemplified through this service project of Rotarians, doctors and volunteers working together.
The Guerrero project was to complete 200 cataract surgeries over a four-day period.  Multiple clubs from the state of Chihuahua were involved in different capacities, along with some clubs from the U.S. Prestonwood Rotary was able to sponsor our Youth Services Director, Dr. Andreane “Andie” Fagala, O.D., as a member of the team of 4 optometrists and 2 ophthalmologists from the U.S., along with a plethora of volunteers.  Many of the volunteers were local Rotaract clubs who acted as assistants and translators!  Their final surgeries were 224
Andie was able to also attend the local Rotary Foundation Meeting for the Guerrero AC, Chihuahua, Mexico.
As Prestonwood Rotary and its members continue to promote, volunteer, and provide for local and international aid, we support this worthwhile project at the Guerrero Eye Clinic and look forward to future endeavors.