Mid-Year or Special Flag Lease Orders

This page supports mid-year or other special Flag Lease orders that are unique from our standard Flag Lease terms. 
For all the details on our Flag Lease program, please check out our main Flag Lease page

Pricing After Labor Day

After Labor Day and through November 4, includes Veterans Day in 2019 and
Five flag days in 2020                                        $  72
     Or five flag days in 2020 and 2021            $112
     Or five flag days in 2020, 2021, 2022        $152



What is the Flag Lease Program?

The Flag Lease Program is the primary fundraiser for the Prestonwood Rotary Club to support its programs, which provide health, humanitarian, and youth service programs throughout our community.

The Rotary Club of Prestonwood invites you to join your friends and neighbors in displaying the U.S. flag on five national holidays, all of which are important in the history of our country.

Our Flag Program also offers service projects for Scouting and youth groups that can financially support them as they assist with the set up and removal of the flags on each holiday.

Proceeds from the Flag Program go to the Prestonwood Rotary Foundation in support of many projects, including Prestonwood Elementary School, Challenge Air for Kids, and water projects for children and their families. The Prestonwood Rotary Club also hosts two annual award luncheons to honor local law enforcement in the Fall and fire and rescue in the Spring.

Installing Flag Sleeves - Prestonwood Rotary Club
What Prestonwood Rotary Does for the Flag Lease Program

What do we do? 

When you lease a flag, we do the following:


  1. Purchase the flags, display, store, and maintain them—it is all done for you. (The flags remain the property of The Rotary Club of Prestonwood.)
  2. Install a plastic sleeve with a cap in the ground near your front curb and mark the curb for the flag positions. No brackets or fixtures will be attached to your home.
  3. On each of the five holidays, deliver a 3’ x 5’ U. S. flag mounted on a 10-foot metal pole and place the flag in the plastic sleeve.
  4. Remove the flag, return it to storage and provide any maintenance as required.

Reserve your flag now!

Complete the form below to reserve your flag.   Payment processing is via PayPal. For questions, contact flags@prestonwoodrotaryclub.org
Note: Price and lease expiration will be confirmed by Prestonwood Rotary reply of acceptance.

We meet Wednesdays at noon at the Prestonwood Country Club.
Please join us for our annual fundraiser featuring wine, food, and friends! 
We'll deliver and install a U.S. Flag to your home on major holidays.