Speaker Date Topic
Michael Wald Mar 22, 2023
Why Didn't You Call
Why Didn't You Call

Author, ghost writer, travel blogger, public speaker. Board member, UT Dallas and New Mexico Holocaust Museums; angel pitch advisor, experienced lawyer and judge, RPCV.

Michael, former PRC member, writes in his new book, Why Didn't You Callan account of the promise and failure of the Peace Corps. With a critical eye toward making improvements, Michael Wald takes the reader on a journey through the highs and lows of working in the developing world. Here, he recounts how he worked around flaws in Peace Corps' system to achieve a project that helped thousands of people better their lives in Panama.

Happy Hour at Tupinamba's Mar 29, 2023
Our 5th Week Happy Hour - Please join us!

Tupinamba's Cafe is located at 9665 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75231. Join us for a fun evening with delicious Tex-Mex. beverages and your favorite Rotarians!

Clink & Drink Apr 01, 2023 5:30 PM
4-WAY TEST Apr 12, 2023
Local high school students speak about the 4-Way Test
Local high school students speak about the 4-Way Test
Fire-Rescue Appreciation Day May 10, 2023
Honoring Fire-Rescue from Dallas

Three very special officeres will be honored by their peers and Prestonwood Rotary Club for their Service Above Self